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Dr. Mix

Ever since the birth of the BlackPantherSystem, Dr Mix has been a happy and dedicated user. His first video about the BlackPantherSystem scored a fantastic 100,000 views in 2021 (Here is another video). On his 50th birthday in 2022, Dr. Mix held an extraordinary concert in London together with BBC music label Sunlightsquare Records. The Para S with its shelving racks was of course present.

BlackpantherSystems - Referenzen - Dr. Mix

Dr. Mix about Blackpanther:I love Blackpanther stands. They are solid. I know I can count on them. Ans they look sleek.

Bo Nurmi (BoBeats)

Bo Nurmi is known to many synthesizer fans as BoBeats. On Youtube and other social networks, Bo is regarded as an expert in synths and as an experienced music and video producer. His opinion about synthesizer setups is valued in the community due to his vast expertise and his likeable character. Bo built a unique Black Panther setup with a Para S, storage shelves and extra side arms and holders. After some initial scepticism, he is now a convinced user. You can see Bo’s setup here.

BlackpantherSystems - Referenzen - Bo Nurmi

Bo about Blackpanther:This modular Synth Stand is pretty Epic. It is very solid and well-engineered. Everything fits very nicely together and it is easy to assembly.


JENKO is a German indi-pop singer and songwriter who is making waves in the music scene. She has already released several singles. On stage she is very much in her element. She became aware of the BlackPantherSystem through the Thomann music store. According to her own words, she has now finally found the stable keyboard stand that she had been looking for for a long time. She already performed several times with the Black Panther and doesn’t want to be without it any more.

BlackpantherSystems - Referenzen - JENKO

JENKO about Blackpanther:As an ambitious pianist and multi-instrumentalist, I’ve been following the Black Panther System since the Kickstarter. I’m amazed at the great solution the BLACK PANTHER SYSTEM has created for keys and all the equipment. So far, no other manufacturer has managed to do this, so it’s no wonder that I switched quickly to the CEDRO S for my stage shows.

Balkan Beats

Balkan Beats on the Black Panther. Nothing is impossible! In 2022, the Panther will go on big tour in Germany for the first time with the extraordinary band »Äl Jawala«. This is Arabic and means »The Wanderers«. The band makes music centered around Afrobeats and Balkan-Brass and with their diversity and creativity fits perfectly with our Black Panther. The band is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which will be celebrated with a German tour from March to mid-May 2022 following the slogan “Diversity is wealth, let’s celebrate it”.

BlackpantherSystems - Referenzen - Balkan Beats - Äl Jawala

Keyboarder Markus about Blackpanther:I tested the Panther extensively during our first weekend of rehearsals and, as expected, it’s great in terms of handling and stability. As far as setup, options, etc. are concerned, the stand is simply high-end compared to what I’ve previously used under my keyboards.

BlackpantherSystems - Referenzen - Balkan Beats - Äl Jawala - 2


BON GIOVI is the world’s first similar-looking and similar sounding tribute band to world-renowned New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi. Founded in 1999, the band has over 20 years of UK and international touring and stage experience as a tribute band with well-known songs such as “Bed of Roses”, “Living on a Prayer”, “It’s my life”. Keyboardist Wayne Harris learned about the system from Dr Mix. This year he is touring with the Paras S with three tiers.

Wayne Harris about Blackpanther:The Blackpanthersystem Paras S with 3 tiers is fantastic, very sturdy and more importantly non bouncing or wobbly! Best stand I’ve bought in years and I’ve had every single stand made I can tell ya. Highly recommended folks.

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