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No matter whether you are a hobby keyboard player or a professional, a powerful, sturdy and flexible keyboard stand is invaluable. It helps you to really focus on your passion – making music – so you can devote yourself entirely to your music.

Blackpanthersystem – How it all started

My name is Gunter Henkel. Being a passionate amateur musician, I have always wanted to pursue my dream of a “handmade, versatile sound” so I decided to set up my own “electronic orchestra”. But this is where my dilemma started. The keyboard stands available on the market only had small shelves, no stable holders on the sides, no cable management, no power strips that could be integrated, etc. What’s more, also in terms of stability they often left lots to be desired…

The search for a suitable solution was unsuccessful and converting existing keyboard stands didn’t prove to be viable either.

Link to the podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isyAJTkdeEI&t=807s

Birth of the BlackPantherSystem

I decided to design my own system which met my requirements in 3D. As I was doing that, I came up with many ideas- features that weren’t available on the market at the time – to be integrated into this system. The enthusiasm drove me so far that I got convinced that more musicians simply have to know about this system with its countless possibilities for expansion.

I presented the concept to one of the largest European music retailers – they were thrilled. This is how the first prototype was created. The music retailer then showcased the stand in its showrooms – with great response from customers. The system sparked massive interest and constant questions by customers asking when it would finally be available for purchase.

The Road To Mott Mobile Systeme

To my infinite joy the Black Panther had made its way into the music retailer’s product range. Yet, manufacturing the system with over 200 individual parts as a product ready to sell on the market had been an enormous challenge. Since the sales unexpectedly exploded, being a One-Man-Show I was overwhelmed with the production, packaging, shipping, marketing and accounting, barely having time to sleep.

I was looking for a reliable partner and found it in the company Mott Mobile Systeme. Their know-how from decades of experience in the production of mobile platforms and folding table systems convinced me and so did the people in the Mott team. To my great joy, I can now market, sell and develop the product with the Mott team.

BlackpantherSystems - Der Weg zur Mott Mobilen Systeme

Why BlackpantherSystem?

Again and again we’re being asked: Why the name Black Panther? My first idea was actually MEQ1 meaning “modular equipment 1”. But that sounded very technical and not exactly adventurous. When I visited Peter Grandl at AMAZONA, I presented the system to him and we were trying to come up with various names for the system. Then a flash of inspiration hit us and we both suggested “Black Panther”: Strong, black, flexible and always looking for new adventures in the Amazon! Likewise, we named the products after the tree species from the rainforest: Amine, Babacu, Cedro, Para etc.

BlackPantherSystems - Warum BlackpantherSystem

How We Do Things Differently

BlackPantherSystems - was wir anders machen - Qualität made in germany

Quality - Made in Germany

You deserve to focus on your passion - music. The BlackPantherSystem allows you to make music on a stable system. Your robust keyboard stand is manufactured in our facility in Tauberbischofsheim by our expert staff, so that your keyboard stand will impress with incredibly high-quality workmanship.

BlackPantherSystems - Was wir anders machen - Anwender im Mittelpunkt

It’s All About The Users

We strongly believe that YOU should be the focus. After all, it is you who is playing the keyboard on our BlackPantherSystem, so you know best what is important. This is why we are in constant contact with musicians, bands, DJs and hobby musicians in order to optimally tailor the system to the users.

BlackpantherSystems - was wir anders machen - Nachhaltigkeit


Our Black Panther keyboard stand is part of the Amazon. Thus, we care about the environment and the rainforest, the natural living habitat of our Black Panther. For this reason, we are constantly making use of sustainable processes and energy sources such as heat recovery, recycling processes, renewable energies and so forth.

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