Storage tray Quassia Nota 450 x 275 mm


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  • Storage tray for sheet music, laptop, tablet and much more
  • Tilt angle freely adjustable
  • highly curved leading edge, prevents slipping of your devices
  • for lateral expansion of the Blackpanther system
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BlackpantherSystem - modular


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The article in Detail

Storage tray Quassia nota 450 x 275

When playing your keyboard, you want the best view of your laptop and sheet notes. This laptop holder is more versatile than ever. It is not only adjustable in length and height, but also freely adjustable in its tilt angle. The beauty of it: you can attach the holder to each leg of your Blackpanther keyboard stand and adjust each of them freely in height and angle . If you prefer to play classically with sheet notes printed on paper, you can use this holder as a practical note holder. The storage tray has a central cut-out, so that you can also safely place your tablet with the charging cable plugged in on it. To attach the laptop & music holder Quassia to your Blackpanther keyboard stand you need two more components: Choose the Iberoxo Braco from the online shop: it is available in three lengths to accommodate your needs. In the second step, you choose an Iberoxo Tubo (available in two lengths). It will determine the height of your speaker tray. If you have gotten these two components in addition to the Speaker Tray Quassia nota, you will get the best view on the laptop or on your sheet notes. The storage tray is made of high-quality aluminum and is powder-coated in deep-black according to RAL 9005.


  • optimal width 
  • lightweight build 
  • with stop edge, prevents slipping of your equipment 
  • non-slip coated 


  • beautiful textured surface 
  • lightweight, high-quality aluminum 
  • frees up storage space 
  • stylish with round ends and necklines 


  • Cut-outs for cable and plug for charging plug on the tablet 
  • also suitable for large tablets 
  • Impact edge 20 mm high 
  • Versatile, limitless uses 


  • sturdy 2 mm aluminum sheet 
  • Cut outs 
  • flat screws for fastening 
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble 

Assembly – easily explained


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The storage tray is very easy to set up.  

  1. Take the universal bracket, 1 locking screw and 2 spacers.  
  2. Position the universal bracket over the Iberoxo tubo mounting tube and insert the spacers on the upper hole to the left and right of the Iberoxo tubo.  
  3. Insert the first locking screw through the universal holder and the mounting tube Iberoxo tubo and attach them with a wing nut. 
  4. Take the other two spacers and slide them, using them as spacers, to the left and right of the second hole. 
  5. Insert the second locking screw through it and attach with the 2nd wing nut. 
  6. Tighten all screws. 
  7. Place the storage tray on the universal holder and screw on the plate with 2 countersunk head screws.


With this support tray you create additional space for your devices. The tray is stable enough to accommodate midi keyboards, small synthesizers, effect devices, amps, pre-amps and much more. In addition, your setup will look tidy and stylish.  

The tilt angle of the tray can be freely adjusted. 

Material and care

The storage tray is made of high-quality aluminum. The powder coating is robust, but like any coating, it is not completely scratch-resistant.  

So that you can enjoy your BLACKPANTHERSYSTEM for a long time, we recommend that you use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner for cleaning. Wipe dry with a dry cloth. 

Questions and Answers

What parts do I need to attach the Quassia Nota laptop & music holder to the Blackpanther? 

You need the following two parts to mount the laptop & music holder on the keyboard stand: 

Choose a side arm Iberoxo Braco – available in three lengths (distances): 15, 20 or 30 cm 

To connect the side arm to the speaker tray, you need the Iberoxo Tubo plug-on tube. It is available in two sizes: 30 or 50 cm 

With these components you can easily attach the laptop & music holder to your keyboard stand. 

Is the laptop & music holder available in a color other than black? 

In principle, this is possible. You can have the laptop & music holder coated according to RAL colors. Contact us so that we can check availability of your desired color and can make you an individual offer. 

Can I attach multiple brackets to each side of the keyboard stand? 

Yes, that’s the beauty of our system. You can attach another side arm Iberoxo Braco to the Iberoxo Tubo plug-on tube, which then can hold yet another plug-on tube. On it you can mount another shelf or another holder such as a speaker holder. The stability of the system is guaranteed. 

Is the laptop & music holder available in other sizes? 

We currently carry the shelf in the dimensions 450×350 mm and 300 x 225 mm. 


Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 20 cm

RAL 9005 jet black

Diameter holder

35 mm


450×275 mm


1,22 kg



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