Keyboard Stand Para with 3 tiers


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  • 3 tiers
  • Tilt adjustable in 3 positions 
  • Tilt of 2nd and 3rd level adjustable in 8 positions
  • Height adjustable and individually expandable
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BlackpantherSystem - modular


Made in Germany


The article in Detail



  • Expandable with castors and tabletops 
  • Storage plates for level 2 and 3 available in 3 practical sizes 
  • Option for attaching of side arms for speaker mounts, laptops, tablets, small devices 
  • Optional mic holder, screen holder 


  • Robust and stable construction 
  • Material steel and aluminum, powder-coated 
  • Non-slip locking clamping screws for height adjustment 
  • Load capacity up to a total of 80 kg 


  • Brackets of the 2nd and 3rd level each adjustable in 8 ways 
  • Height of the 3rd level adjustable to + 590 mm 
  • Support depth up to 350 mm 
  • Support depth with extender expandable up to 450 mm 


  • Keyboard stand with three storage levels 
  • Height of 1st level adjustable in 8 steps 
  • Height of 1st level adjustable from 600 mm to 900 mm 
  • Height adjustment of the 1st level with locking clamping screws 
  • Packs flat for easy transport 


  • vertical angle adjustable 
  • Angle 3-way adjustable 
  • always the right distance to you 
  • Adaptable at any time 


  • adjustable tilt angle for 2nd and 3rd level 
  • tilt can be adjusted in 8 steps 
  • always at the right angle 
  • the arms are also adjustable in length 

Assembly – easily explained


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The keyboard stand is very easy to set up.  

  1. Place the two feet next to each other at a distance of about 1 m.  
  2. Insert the tubes of the carrier element into the feet at the desired height and let the locking clamping screws snap into place. (Ie. a frequently chosen height is to lock it in the 3rd hole from above. ) 
  3. Take the support elements of the 1st level and mount them on the carrier. With the angular side plates and locking screws you can loosely mount the vertical struts. 
  4. With the “round” side plates you mount the support arms of the 2nd and 3rd level at the desired height. When all parts have the right position for you, you can tighten all screws and wing nuts.  


With the Para keyboard stand, your keyboard will shine in the studio, in your home studio, living room, study or on stage. You are so flexible with it that you can place keyboards and synthesizers on 3 levels. 

For your accessories such as effect devices, interfaces, speakers, laptops or headphones and others you can find matching accessories as well. This way the system will offer you infinite flexible expansion options.  

Material and care

Your keyboard stand is made of high quality materials. The powder coating is robust, but like any coating, it is not completely scratch-resistant.  

So that you can enjoy your BLACKPANTHERSYSTEM for a long time, use a damp cloth with a mild and non-abrasive cleaner for cleaning. Polish dry with a dry cloth. 

Questions and Answers

Can the Para be equipped with a power strip? 

You can extend the Para in many ways, including with a power strip. You can also chose the Cedro S and get the Para with integrated power strip. 

Can I equip the Para with monitor holders? 

You can equip the Para S with a monitor holder. For this purpose, the Iberoxo Travesano mounting tube is available in various variants. Depending on the size and design, up to two screens or side loudspeakers can be attached to this mounting tube. 

I want to attach a speaker holder, music holder or tablet holder. Which products do I need for this? 

In this case, you need three components: 

  1. You need one of the three variants of the Iberoxo Braco as the side arm. It is available in three lengths: 15, 20 or 30 cm 
  1. Then you need one of the models of the Iberoxo Tubo – available in two sizes: 30 or 50 cm 
  1. Choose the desired holders: Quassia altavoz, Quassia nota or Quassia tablete 

Is it possible to equip the Para with storage plates on each of the tiers? 

Yes this is possible. The Freijo storage plates are ideal as shelves on the 2nd and 3rd level. These are available in various sizes. The first level can also be equipped with a wooden table top (Parapara tres). 

Is it possible to get the Para in other colors? 

Yes, this is possible. We can provide the stand in our powder coating plant with different colors. If this is what you need, simply send us an inquiry and we will check your desired color RAL of your choice. 

Does the system wobble? 

The system is generally very stable. Depending on individual use, however, the design of the system is not absolutely vibration-free. 


Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 8 cm

RAL 9005 jet black


18.00 kg

Load capacity 1st level

40 kg

Load capacity 2nd level

20 kg

Support distance

540 mm

Support depth 1st level

470 mm

Support depth 2nd level

350 mm

Support depth 3rd level

350 mm

Installation dimension

950×650 mm


Keyboard Stand

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